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About Us.

Welcome to It is an e-commerce & online shopping service provider. Hābīl and Qābīl are believed by Muslims to have been the first two sons of Adam and Hawaʾ mentioned in the Quran. First murder in the World – Qabil killed Habil.

The first murder on the earth/world was committed 5700 years ago in Syria where Qabil killed his brother HABIL.

HABILBD in full form is ‘Hafiz Agro Based Industries Limited’ & BD means Bangladesh. Hafiz is the nick name of the sole proprietor of business enterprise HABILBD.COM. HABIL is the first victim of ‘murder’ done by his brother Kabil. There were two paths, one for HABIL as virtue & another for Kabil as vice. The way of HABIL is the right, on the other hand, the way of Kabil is wrong. Therefore, on the way of life we have chosen the right way for e-commerce business site in the name of HABIL as HABILBD.COM wherein everything is authentic, genuine and original. Our ‘commitment & confidence’ both are best capital for our business. No fake nor fraudulent act shall be bothered in this website. We are trying to arrange all services & products for those people who are unable to move any where to get any kind of service or product as their demand or requirements.

By this way we want to acquire your confidence which is our main capital. We are trying to maintain highest quality of products or services. At first, we have started our business with some products or services as our daily needs like dresses, beauty items, foods, mobile, electronics & computer, fashions & design items, grocery shopping etc. Actually, we are trying to provide services or products for all kinds of needs those are necessary for human life.

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